For businesses that are VAT registered and are required to submit VAT returns to HMRC, we ensure that VAT returns are completed on time, accurately with the correct disclosures.

Who has to register for VAT?

It is compulsory for a business to register for VAT where they have a turnover of £85,000 in any 12 month period.

VAT can apply to all company sizes, sectors and also individuals – if you need to register for VAT, we’ll make sure that you are aware of it and will help you with the process.

Even when a business turnover is under £85,000 it can still be advantageous for the business to register for VAT. For example, there may be financial benefits if the business has low VATable expense by applying for the Flat Rate Scheme of VAT.

How do Horner Downey help with dealing with VAT?

We have a dedicated VAT department who will help with:

  • Assisting with the registration of VAT and advising whether it will suit your business.
  • Requesting details of income end expenses.
  • Compiling the information and calculating what VAT is due to be paid.
  • Inform the client of its quarterly VAT bill and give details on how to pay it.
  • Submit the VAT return online with HMRC.